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We Vermonters know that winter means cold weather, & snow. However, we often forget about one thing until the season is upon us; MESS. A combination of snow, salt, slush, sand, grit carried into your business’s upon boot after boot. This Vermont winter mix of materials wears on flooring, carpets, and furniture. Offices with many employees, frequent deliveries, clients in and out throughout the day are particularly vulnerable. Winter foot traffic brings salt and melted snow into offices; leading to wet carpets, accumulation of salt and dirt, which ultimately leads to replacement of carpets and flooring if not cared for properly.

Commercial spaces should schedule maintenance during the winter months to improve the condition of their floors, and carpets. Ridding carpets & floors of a build up of salt, and debris not only improves the overall appearance of an office, but adds longevity to the life of their flooring, the safety of their premises, and, will keep you breathing easier, too.  Dust and dander trapped in carpet fibers are hot water extracted during a professional cleaning.

The majority of commercial carpet manufacturers recommend their carpets to be professionally cleaned once annually at a minimum. 


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